Established as a Professional Service in 1990

Serving Clients in the Southwest Austin and Surrounding Areas

Terri Hartley, owner, pictured with Hoss

Welcome. Thank you for visiting this Web site and taking the time to look over the basic information provided here. Please note that this is a personalized service. If you have additional questions or would like to book dates after your review of the site, feel free to call me at the number listed above. I much prefer talking with you, as opposed to using e-mail, so that I can get a full range of information that will allow us both to determine the best care possible for your particular needs.

To assist you, the basic services are listed below:

    · Daily visits to your home
    · Overnight Stays (for finicky, anxious, elderly or medically challenged pets)
    · Taxi service to/from vet, groomer, etc.
    · Visits to monitor and/or provide medical services prescribed by your vet (owner may/may not be present)
    · Security checks (no pets)

When choosing Personalized Pet Care, Inc. as your sitting service, you will be taking advantage of the following benefits:

My personal experience also extends to birds, horses, farm animals and exotics. So, if you have a more unusual pet, please know that I am willing and able to care for them as well.

Rates vary depending on your location in my travel radius, the number of pets and their needs. Please call me, at your convenience, to get an exact quote.

I hope this overview has been helpful to you in your search. I feel this career is my calling in life, and I look forward to talking with you so that we can determine how to best apply my gift to your personal needs.